Nearly missed podium in the last round of the CIGT Endurance

In the last round of the CIGT Endurance series, held last weekend at the Monza circuit, the Audi Sport Italia team once again confirmed the excellent shape of the whole team.
At the start of the race on Sunday, Vito Postiglione started from the third row and – thanks to an excellent start – he immediately managed to recover two positions, managing to close the session in fourth position a short distance from the opponents who preceded him.
Immediately afterwards, Daniel managed to conquer ground and move to third position, but the bizarre weather of the weekend and the grip that was not the best made him slide back to fourth position preventing him from conquering a more than deserved podium.
“It has been an exciting season!” – Daniel said – “Here in Monza in the last race of the Italian Endurance Championship we collected a good fourth place. Too bad for the last few laps where with the rain tires I struggled a bit with the temperatures and this cost us the podium when I was in third position. I congratulate my teammates who have won the race and the Italian Endurance title. I would like to thank all the Audi Sport Italia team and all the sponsors who have supported us for this great season.”