Since 2008, Daniel has been working as driving coach with the most prestigious schools around the world.
Today he collaborates with the Scuderia de Adamich, a driving school with twenty years of experience, and deals with all types of driving courses. It is a partner of car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and the Fiat Auto group.
Daniel is also engaged with public and private agencies towards achieving the European targets for reducing the number of road accidents.

The school

Daniel can teach at a private test session or in a race weekend with any type of car and circuit.
The services offered during a test are:

  • Sessions demonstration laps with coach and driver on the side.
  • Sessions with the pilot and coach on the side.
  • Analysis of on-board video.
  • Analysis of the acquisition data (telemetry)

And for those who want to compete or to pursue a real career in motorsports:

  • Assistance during the race weekend.
  • Career development program.
  • Budget Management and sponsors.
  • Relationship with the team and engineers.
  • Relationship with the media.
  • Recommendations for athletic and mental training.