A new adventure in the Endurance World Championship

The weekend that has just ended, April 29-30, saw Daniel participate in the 6H race on the SPA Francorchamps circuit at the wheel of the Aston Martin Vantage GTE #98 of the Heart Of Racing team.
This is the first time in his career for the driver from the Marches that he has taken part in the World Endurance Championship (WEC), one of the top professional championships, and he will do it together with the Heart Of Racing team that took over from North West AMR in the GTE AM category .
Mancinelli will share the car with the experienced team manager – American Ian James – and pro driver Alex Riberas.
The call to participate in this new adventure only came last week, so the goal of the weekend was to finish the race, do as many kilometers as possible and therefore as much experience as possible both with the car and with the pit stop procedures and different strategies.
In mandatory qualifying for Bronze drivers, Ian qualified with an excellent sixth place, in a category – the GTE – in which 14 cars race.
During the race Daniel and his teammates remained solid, concentrated, good at not making mistakes and conquering the checkered flag at the end of 6H with a seventh position.
“We have to work on race pace and tire wear combined with the different Michelin compounds.” – Daniel said – “We lacked some experience in this. The next race will be the 24H of Le Mans on 10-11 June and it will be made even more special by the fact that this year marks its centenary. We will make a previous test to refine ourselves more with the car and with the procedures in the race. Naturally, I thank Heart of Racing for this fantastic opportunity.”